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Course Class No. Section Start & End Date Day Time Status Location
GVPT 306 Global Political Economy (3)
A study of the relationship between political and economic processes in international affairs. Discussion covers the effect of globalization on the global environment, the economy, world peace, the power of the nation-state, and inequality between nation-states.
53705 5425 17 May 2023-11 Jul 2023 Th 6:30P-9:30P Open Laurel (Hybrid)
Faculty: Caruso, Michael G Bldg/Room: Laurel College Center 502 Syllabus Course Materials
GVPT 403 Law, Morality, and War (3)
Prerequisite: WRTG 112 or equivalent. A study of just war traditions. The objective is to make informed decisions and analyze conflict. Discussions cover the theoretical and practical connections between law, war, and morality.
53710 5455 14 Jun 2023-08 Aug 2023 T 6:30P-9:30P Open Laurel (Hybrid)
Faculty: Drew, Joseph S Bldg/Room: Laurel College Center 509 Syllabus Course Materials
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