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2024 Spring: January 10 - May 7

Course Class No. Section Start & End Date Day Time Status Location
EMGT 302 Concepts of Emergency Management (3)
Prerequisite: WRTG 112 or equivalent. An introduction to emergency management at the global, national, regional, state, and local levels. The objective is to identify and analyze forces that formulate policy, apply the principles of policy and law to real-world situations, and analyze emerging political, legal, and policy issues to improve organizational preparedness. Topics include preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. The history of emergency management is reviewed, and its future in government and industry is discussed.
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20958 6380 10 Jan 2024-05 Mar 2024 Open Online
Faculty: Dale, Robert P Syllabus Course Materials
EMGT 304 Emergency Response Preparedness and Planning (3)
Prerequisite: EMGT 302. A study of the planning process, format, and response procedures for disasters and emergency events. The goal is to evaluate risk vulnerabilities and capabilities, design an emergency plan, and evaluate and critically assess an emergency plan. Topics include risk assessment, modeling, hazard analysis, vulnerability assessment, and response capability assessment. Discussion also covers the evaluation of plans and the use of exercises to improve and implement plans.
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21185 6380 10 Jan 2024-05 Mar 2024 Open Online
Faculty: Childress, Alisha J Syllabus Course Materials
EMGT 310 Continuity of Operations Planning and Implementation (3)
Prerequisite: EMGT 304. An exploration of the process for developing, implementing, exercising, and evaluating continuity of operations for both government and industry. The goal is to introduce continuity planning in the public and private sectors of our society, specifically, the role continuity planning plays in building community resiliency and how it interacts with emergency management programs and planning. Topics include the role of continuity planning in the nation¿s enduring constitutional government; ways that continuity planning makes communities and organizations more disaster resilient; and the planning and operational components of continuity plans and programs. The roles of continuity planning in mitigating the effects of cyberattacks and pandemic events are also examined.
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25827 6380 10 Jan 2024-05 Mar 2024 Open Online
Faculty: Wertman, Carl A Syllabus Course Materials
EMGT 312 Social Dimensions of Disaster (3)
Prerequisite: EMGT 304. An examination of the response of the public and individuals to disaster-related issues such as disaster warnings, evacuations, relocations, civil unrest, loss of family and property, and recovery activities. The aim is to evaluate social factors that contribute to increased risk of disaster, design plans and processes that consider social factors, and design strategies and plans to enable communication with diverse social groups. Emphasis is on preparing the community through effective programs and public information. Discussion also covers the impact of disasters on response organizations and personnel.
23723 7380 13 Mar 2024-07 May 2024 Open Online
Faculty: Tucker, H Paige Syllabus Course Materials
EMGT 314 Terrorism Issues in Emergency Management (3)
Prerequisite: EMGT 304. A study of the role and responsibilities of the emergency manager in preparing for, responding to, mitigating, and recovering from situations related to terrorism. The objective is to devise and prepare plans, follow appropriate guidelines, and make use of interagency dynamics in planning for and responding to terrorism. Discussion covers the role of first responder groups and other stakeholders and links the protection of critical infrastructure to national, state, and local guidelines.
23722 7380 13 Mar 2024-07 May 2024 Open Online
Faculty: Hutton, Ralph H Syllabus Course Materials
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