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Schedule of Classes
On-Site Session 2: 13 March - 7 May
Naval Base Guam   DSN: (315) 339-2263

On-Site Session 2: 13 March - 7 May

Course Class No. Section Start & End Date Day Time Status Location
NUTR 100 Elements of Nutrition (3)
A study of the scientific and quantitative foundations of the applied science of human nutrition. The goal is to understand how nutrition reflects an integration across scientific disciplines and how foods provide important nutrients that provide substance and energy for healthy living. Topics include scientific reasoning, healthy meal planning, and weight management. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: NUTR 100 or NUTR 200.
25990 S261 10 Apr 24-07 May 24 W/M 1800-2100 Open Naval Base Guam
Faculty: Plucer-Rosario, Gyongyi Syllabus Course Materials


Note: Meets in-person; 4 Week Hybrid Class; Live-Streaming (video-streamed from Andersen); meets Wednesdays and Mondays
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