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Schedule of Classes
On-Site Session 2: 13 March - 7 May
Camp Henry   DSN: (315) 763-4549

On-Site Session 2: 13 March - 7 May

Course Class No. Section Start & End Date Day Time Status Location
PACE 111M Program and Career Exploration in Multidisciplinary Studies (3)
(Fulfills the general education requirement in research and computing literacy.) An orientation to UMGC and exploration of how UMGC academic programs align to professional goals and career options. Focus is on developing and practicing communication, teamwork, professionalism, and integrity skills while exploring ways to develop and enhance career opportunities. The aim is to become familiar with the university's academic culture and expectations; learn about UMGC resources for success; reflect on academic and professional goals; and explore opportunities to shorten programs through transfer credit and other prior learning. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: PACE 111B, PACE 111C, PACE 111M, PACE 111P, PACE 111S, or PACE 111T.
26080 A461 10 Apr 24-07 May 24 W/M 1800-2100 Open Camp Henry
Faculty: Steffen, Amy G. Syllabus Course Materials


Note: Meets in-person; 4 Week Hybrid Class; Live-Streaming (video-streamed from Humphreys); meets Wednesdays and Mondays
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