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Schedule of Classes
On-Site Session 2: 13 March - 7 May
Torii Station

On-Site Session 2: 13 March - 7 May

Course Class No. Section Start & End Date Day Time Status Location
HIST 316N History of the Ryukyu Islands (3)
A survey of social and political developments of the Ryukyu Islands from the period of the Satsuma Clan's rulership though the present. Topics include Chinese influence on Ryukyuan culture, the arrival of the western trader, Okinawa during World War II, the establishment and maintenance of the military government, reversion, and current economic and sociopolitical trends. Assignments include advanced reading and research.
27589 A561 20 Mar 24-16 Apr 24 Su/Sa 0900-1700 Open Torii Station
Faculty: Fukuyama, Michelle A. Syllabus Course Materials


Note: Meets in-person 4-week Field Study Class: classes will meet on 3/23, 3/24 & 4/6, 4/7. Includes trips to Katsuren Castle, Tomari Foreigner's Cemetery, Toguchi Beach, Shimuki Cave, Kakazu Dai, Histreet, and Koza Riot. There is some walking required at some locations. (Field Study Fee: $30)
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