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Schedule of Classes
On-Site Session 2: 13 March - 7 May
Camp Hansen   DSN: (315) 623-7312

On-Site Session 2: 13 March - 7 May

Course Class No. Section Start & End Date Day Time Status Location
CCJS 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
(Fulfills the general education requirement in behavioral and social sciences.) An introduction to the three primary components of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. The objective is to identify the components of the system, the practitioners within the system and their role in policy formation and implementation, and the major theoretical tenets of criminal behavior. Topics include community relations, the impact of criminal behavior, and the importance of research in the field of criminal justice.
25901 A561 13 Mar 24-07 May 24 Th 1800-2100 Open Camp Hansen
Faculty: Horigan, Damien P. Syllabus Course Materials


Note: Meets in-person; 8 Week Hybrid Class; meets Thursdays
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